Friday, October 24, 2008

Boombox Bicycle

On my most recent trip to South America I came across this fella in Cusco Peru while I was on my way to Machu Picchu. His name is Miguel and this bicycle has been his lifelong passion. Upon further conversation I discovered that he decided to create the world's greatest boombox bicycle. While he had the bicycle he initially had no spare funds to buy the speakers and other necessities. Over time he bought each item until he finally had it all together after 10 years of working towards his ultimate goal. The day I met him was his third day out on the boombox bicycle and he said he has been having the time of his life. I considered everything he told me as I decided in my head the price I was going to offer him for this bicycle. I knew from the moment I saw it that I just absolutely had to have it. My first offer was for $100 US hoping he would fall for the low offer. He told me the bicycle is not for sale at any price. I felt a little worried but could not give up. $1,000 US I told him. He once again told me that the bicycle was not for sale at any price. Now I was worried that he was trying to get me for all I was worth. $10,000 US final offer. He was about to tell me once again that the bicycle was not for sale but he must have realized how much money I had just offered and he said sold. We completed the transaction and I was on my way on the coolest bicycle I ever owed. People waved and smiled as I drove by. Miguel was right, I was having the time of my life until I made one wrong turn. It was like entering a whole new world from what I remember about the incident. Before I could turn back I was knocked out cold and woke up in the middle of the jungle with no boombox bicycle. I eventually found my way out of the jungle and searched the city trying to find my bicycle but it was gone. I continued on to explore Machu Picchu but I just could not forget about my lost boombox bicycle and since I have returned from my trip I have already starting building one of my own. Now I'm just pissed off that I spent $10,000 on the one I bought in Peru because it's only going to cost me a few hundred dollars for my boombox bicycle.