Saturday, July 5, 2008

My new sunglasshes...

Aloha folksh! It's Claudius Von Wainright the Third, Esquire here. As you can see, I'm lookshing extra stylishh with my rose colored "hip" sunglasshes, right? The mangy street vendor that shold them to me shwears they are authentic Prada and that alone was enough for me to pay $500 dollarsh for them.

Along with the glasshes, I received a certificate of authenticity with the following printed on it:

"Hello! Thank you for purchasing the Mercedes Benz of sunglasses! You hold in your hands a piece of history. These Prada beauties were hand selected to come to America in the knapsack of the Premiere of Italy. The plastic frames were created from the oil that flows from the bosom of New Zealand and then hand molded by a blind craftsman who intuitively sculpts each pair. The lenses were created from a NASA glass prototype that was stolen in a heist during the cover of night. Your pieces specifically were made possible because of the lookout boy Luis Zeister, who made the brave sacrifice of checking the voltage of the electrified door in the NASA's inner chamber. Please take the time and send the Zeister family a Thank You Card!!"

So, I'm offsh to the beach to grab some honeys. Take her eashy and if she's eashy, fool around with her;)